About Prissy Nikki

The mission of the Prissy Nikki brand is to empower more women to show their beauty and fierceness, to not shy away from it, but to stand in it with confidence. Our promise is to provide an alternative option for lashes that are high-quality and made with premium ingredients, while still bringing out your natural bold and beautiful self!

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About the Founder

Nikki Corson is a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, mother of two teenage daughters & one fur baby and a health and fitness enthusiast.

In addition to the Prissy Nikki brand and podcast, Nikki has been a certified roofing contractor in the southeast for almost a decade leading a multi-million dollar roofing business spanning 3 states.

Nikki is a Women’s Entrepreneur VIP Award Winner, certified roofing contractor in 3 states, recognized as Top 3 roofing contractors in GA.
She is passionate about the Prissy Nikki brand and empowering more women to show their beauty and fierceness.